Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Scrubs For Medical Professionals

Picking the right scrub top can be a puzzle for many medical professionals. One fact is clear: there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these essential pieces of clothing. This article guides you through choosing scrubs that are both stylish and practical, making your workday a bit brighter.

Key Takeaways

  • Picking the right scrub top means finding one that fits well, feels comfy, and looks good. This is important because it can boost your confidence at work.
  • There are many styles of scrubs with different patterns and colours. Choosing fun or bold designs can show off your personality while keeping things professional.
  • You can buy stylish and durable scrubs from places like Simply Scrubs SA. Online shops provide an easy way to find what you need without leaving home.


Importance of Selecting the Right Scrubs

So, we’ve just talked about the basics. Let’s take a deep dive into why choosing the right scrubs matters. Imagine stepping into work, feeling confident and comfy in your scrubs. That’s key for anyone who spends hours on their feet, especially medical professionals like you. You’re changing the world as you know it, shouldn’t you look the part?

Getting that perfect fit isn’t just about looking good – though, let’s not lie, everyone likes to look sharp at work! It’s also about making sure nothing distracts you from your important duties.

Here’s the scoop: well-fitting scrubs can make or break your day literally. Go too tight, and you’re wrestling with every move; too loose, and you might as well be wearing a tent! Plus, let’s not forget – fashion has found its way into healthcare uniforms, too.

From printed scrubs screaming with colour to those sleek scrubs that look like they’ve walked straight off a runway – it all matters. Choosing top-notch fabric keeps you cool under pressure while sporting nifty patterns or solid hues that show off your style without saying a word.

And remember – picking out scrubs is more than just selecting shirts for work; it’s gearing you up for success every day.

How to Choose the Perfect Scrubs

Picking the right scrub top is like finding your perfect pair of jeans… it just feels right. Look for tops that make you feel good and fit well, whether they’re bright with patterns or simple and solid.

Fit and flattery!

Getting the right fit in scrubs is like hitting a fashion bullseye. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where comfort meets style without going too baggy or too tight. Each body shape has its perfect match, making it important to snag scrubs that highlight your best features.

This means looking for designs that offer a snug yet comfortable embrace around your frame—like finding a friend who gives great hugs.

A size guide will be your best friend when placing your order. Be sure to use this as you don’t want to get your dream scrubs and realise later on that they are either too small or too big for you.

Colour and patterns.

Choosing the right colours and patterns for your scrub tops makes a difference. Go bold with florals, or pick something fun, like cartoon nursing scrubs—these add a touch of personality to your work outfit and often lift your patients’ spirits when they’re stuck in a cold clinical environment.

Colours can brighten up your day as well as that of your patients. Whether it’s a sunny yellow scrub top or a calming blue one, they help express individual style.

Patterns aren’t just about looking good, though. They bring variety to everyday wear, breaking the monotony of plain colours. From classic stripes to unique animal prints, there’s something for everyone.

Consideration of accessories

Accessories bring your scrub ensemble from standard to stand out. Think of stylish watchesminimalistic necklaces, and cool badge holders or lanyards.

Plus, matching your scrubs with printed cap designs shows off your style while keeping it professional.

So don’t forget—accessories aren’t just add-ons; they’re essentials that complete your look and keep you moving comfortably all day long.

At Simply Scrubs SA we have a sizing guide to easily help you find your PERFECT fit!

Pairing Scrubs with Appropriate Footwear

Choices, choices. Finding the right shoes to go with your scrubs is like picking the perfect topping for your favourite ice cream. You want it to match, but also comfort is key.

Look for shoes that hug your feet just right — think supportive arches and cushioned insoles. These are gold during those never-ending shifts.

Slip-resistant soles? Non-negotiable. They keep you safe on slick surfaces, a common scene in medical settings. And while style might take a back seat, there’s no reason you can’t have both looks and comfort.

For those long shifts, comfortable yet fashionable shoes are a game-changer. Look for ones with supportive arches, cushioned footbeds, and non-slip treads. Your feet will thank you after a 12-hour day.

Importance of Comfort in Choosing Scrubs

Just like the right shoes make those long shifts bearable, wearing comfy scrubs is just as crucial. Imagine making your rounds, bending down to check on a patient or reaching up for supplies in a top that’s too tight or itchy.

Not fun, right? This is why comfort isn’t something you can overlook. It’s the line between a good day and one where you’re counting the minutes until you can change.

Comfy tops bring out the best in medical pros like you. They let you move freely without restriction—essential when every second counts. Plus, they keep irritation at bay. Ever dealt with scratchy fabric while trying to concentrate? A nightmare! That’s why choosing materials that feel soft against the skin makes such a difference.

And don’t forget about breathability. Working in healthcare often means being on your feet in environments that get pretty warm. The last thing anyone needs is to feel overheated because their top has turned into a personal sauna.

Opting for light, airy fabrics helps keep things cool, even during the busiest shifts. So yeah, picking scrubs based on comfort impacts more than just how you look—it’s about staying focused and providing the best care possible without distractions like discomfort getting in your way.

Where to Purchase Quality Scrubs

Finding the right place to buy top-notch scrubs can feel like a quest sometimes. Good news, though! Simply Scrubs SA is your one-stop online shop in South Africa.

They’ve got everything from classic designs to more modern options like florals or ones with fun patterns. From scrub tops to joggers and straight-leg pants – we’ve got it all!

With the ease of online shopping and delivery at your fingertips, updating your wardrobe with comfortable, cute and, affordable scrubs has never been easier. Now that you know where to find them, let’s jump into exploring trendy options for your next gear.

Have a look at some of Simply Scrubs SA Products


Right, let’s wrap this up. Picking the best scrub top is a bit like finding the perfect cuppa – it’s got to be just right. You’ve got tips on how to find one that fits well, looks good, and shows off your style.

With all these bits of advice, you’re ready to turn heads down the hospital corridors…

Or at least feel amazing while doing your job. Cheers to looking brilliant in scrubs!


What’s the big deal about finding the right scrub top?

Finding the perfect scrub top isn’t just about looking sharp; it’s like picking your superhero costume for those long shifts. You want something that fits well, feels comfy, and has enough pockets to stash your essentials. Whether you’re after a tunic scrub top or a dazzling printed number, getting it right means you can focus on saving lives without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

Can men find cool scrubs, too?

Absolutely! Men’s scrub uniforms have come a long way from the boring one-size-fits-all days. Now, there are options galore – from sleek, slim-fit tops to fun prints that show off your personality. And yes, there are even manly flower tops out there if you dare!

Are there any funky designs out there for when I’m feeling zesty?

Funky? Zesty? Say no more! From dog prints to sunflower themes, modern medical pros can rock their shift in style with an array of fun scrubs guaranteed to make patients smile.

Can you get personalised or unique scrub tops?

Spot on! Getting personalised or quirky printed scrub tops is easier than ever before. Whether it’s embroidered names or custom patterns featuring everything from paw prints to sugar skulls, showing off what makes you tick is all part of the fun.

Are we able to customise our sizing at Simply Scrubs SA?

You sure are! We at Simply Scrubs SA pride ourselves in making everyone feel good in their scrubs and we often do custom sizing for our amazing customers. We are just a Whatsapp or email away to arrange this!

Does Simply Scrubs SA provide discounts on larger orders?

Yes we do! We are not only supplying the trendy individual with their scrubs but we also have had the honour of dressing many hospital departments in Simply Scrubs SA. We would be happy to help you with a discount on larger quantity orders!

Are health care workers the only ones allowed to buy from scrubs?

NO! We are happy to supply anyone looking for scrubs. We often cater for teachers, beauticians, care takers, etc!


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